1906 12" Emerson Type 1510 Stationary Desk Fan

1906 12" Emerson Type 1510 Stationary Desk Fan.  This 112 year old fan has been restored back to new condition.  This fan came to us as a trade in so we are unaware of who did the restoration, would sure like to give them credit.  This fan features the desirable cast iron piecrust base and the centrifugal start switch.  When starting the fan you hear the start switches clicking and once up to the desired speed they open up to disengage the start winding.  When turning the fan off, you will hear the start switches lay back down on the start mechanism until stopped.  The motor appears to have been rewound with the restoration.  The head wire and power cord grommets are aftermarket.  The casting on the base appears a little rough most likely due to wear associated with 100 plus years of wear.  The blade could use some balancing, there is slight vibration on the slower speed and less on high.  Very Nice Collectible Fan.  

SKU: CW-012
Global Trade Item Number: 750.00
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