WESCO Supply Co (Emerson/Trojan) 12" Desk Fan Type 53646

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WESCO Supply Co 12" Desk Fan Type 53646.  This fan was made by the Emerson Electric Co in 1911 and was sold to the WESCO Supply Co.  WESCO Supply Company was a retailer in the early 1900's who supplied all types of electrical items for home and industrial use.  WESCO purchased many electrical items from manufacturers and rebadged them with their own Supply Co Logo.  This example features an older restoration lending visibilty of the character displayed from the cast iron housings.  Original iron base displays an ornate or pie crust design which "steps up" into the convertible neck which can be used for rotating the motors head 90 degrees for wall mounting.  Cast iron motor features a centrifugal starting switch which can be heard in the video on start-up and spin-down.  Rated for 104 volts, this fan seems to operate perfectly on 120 volts displaying 2 speed variations.   Nice example of a rarely found "WESCO" model.