Pair Circa 1907 12" GE Pancake Trunnion mount with serial numbers 75 digits apart

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On consignment from a long time fan collector; a pair of 1907 General Electric Pancake trunnion mount fans that have been together since day one.  They have only 75 numbers that separate them - serial number 324164 and serial number 324239.  Both retain their original finish as well as unpolished brass and run on 5 speeds.  Both have been completely serviced and rewired.  Incredible to have stayed together for 116 years.  Sold as pair. 


Fan#1: Has slight bearing wear and minor buzzing noise from choke coil.

Fan#2: Blade has slight vibration getting up to speed and slowing down.  As seen in the photo there is lead attached to one of the wings which was used to balance the blade.  Paint chips have been brush touched.