Lifetime Lake Breeze Collection

Antique Fan Supply Co. is pleased to offer an amazing life long Lake Breeze fan collection.  Examples contained in this collection were acquired during the 1970's and 80's from estate farm auctions around the Kansas City Missouri area.  When originally found, the fans were visually "refreshed" and also serviced to be operational.  The collector created the trailer seen below to share his collection with attendees at local antique tractor and power events.  Contained within this collection are several variations of Lake Breeze Kerosene, Gas and Alcohol.  The "Time Capsule/ Trailer" was placed in storage in 1992 and not opened again until I acquired it in 2022.  At the time these were placed in storage, each fan was heavily lubricated to prevent rust and cylinder oxidation. 

 Below are links to two audio clips from the University of Houston's Engines of our Ingenuity by John Lienhard and Cathy Patterson.  Both of these professors wrote very interesting stories on the history of the Sterling Engine and Lake Breeze Model Fans.  Enjoy the audio of their stories while scrolling through the fans listed below.  



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